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Connect Guesthouse
125/8 Rath U thit rd
Paradise Complex
(way out)
Patong Beach
Phuket - Thailand
Phone: 076-294195
Int: +6676294195
Fax: 076-340957

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3 June

Eric at Connect in June 2007

"If you are thinking of visiting Phuket - the choise is easy - do it !-- and Connect guesthouse is the best place to stay, the friendly staff, many conveniences and location are second to none!."

See you there!


Eric P

Boston, Massachusetts

2 July

Thank you for another great year.

As usual everything was perfect and staff was grandiose.

Happy summer to hot and sizzling Phuket

See you soon again



5 October 2006

Tore och Jesper

Takker Ulf og Börje för et meget hyggelig 4 dager opphold på Connect. Selv om det regnar skiner solen hos dere.

Synda att vi gikk glipp av deres faste gaytour til ogene, men neste gang vil vi passe det in.

På gjennsyn
Tore og Jesper Oygarden
September 2006

5 September 2006

Very good friendly Gay hotel.

Should every try this hot area.

With Love


2 September 2006


Very good hotel.

Central to the happening area.

Very friendly and helpful staff.

Well reccommended


September 2006


I was staying at connect guest house during summer (July). My second at connect . I really love it because clean, nice room. Of course very helpful and  friendly stuffs." The guest house is in the middle of the gay complex and very close to beach.  Email me if wants to know more about the guest house." SEAN , OSLO

2 September 2006


Do you want to spend your holiday in a tropical paradise without spending all your hard earned dollars, dinars, or ducats? 
The Guest House is what you're looking for.

Want to connect with others or connect back with yourself? 
The Guest House will give you the opportunity to meet new friends or leave you alone to emember who you really are.

Want to hang out or hang back?  Head on over to the Guest House, it truly is a "home away from home" where you can kick off your cares or
kick up your heels, or laze on the beach and get through that stack of paperback novels you've been wanting read.

Whether you're a scuba diver or a disco diva, a snorkeler or a snuggler, a shopper or a career-worn professional, the Guest House will get you connected.

Good food, great internet connections, comfy clean rooms, generous and considerate staff ... all in one place.  Ulf and Börje have a deal
just for you.

What are you waiting for?

Khun Gage
September 2006

31 August 2006

Roger and Louis 2006

Roger Lewis Gilkeson and Carl Louis Brida
- Helpful and friendly staff.
- Excellent location in the heart of the gay Scene.
- Wonderful food and accommodations.
- The Owners are cute too!
Come visit me in South Korea

- Extremely comfortable, quiet and pleasant atmosphere.
- Handy Internet access, really great
- Terrific American breakfast, great coffe, spanish omelet etc.
- Equally excellent Thai food - no need to hunt for other places.
- Prices were entirely reasonable - excellent value.
- I liked the owners too.
Come visi me in beautiful Whasington D.C. indeed.
e-mail -

28 May 2006

Brian USA

By Mr Brian

Twice this year year

I have been coming to Thailand since 1998. I usually travel to BKK since 1998. I usually travel to Bangkok, Chiang mai, Chang rai, Mae Sai and Phuket. My most enjoyable time in Phuket is staying @ the Connect Guesthouse in Patong. Connect has virtually everything I could ever need for a most enjoyable holiday. From its excellent restaurant to the WiFi computer Connections “Connect” is the key word here. Located in the heart of Paradise Complex it is convenient to anything you desire. I enjoy the room, food service, the cable TV and mini bar. The in room safe is a must for me and I feel secure with the security cameras through out the complex. Patong Beach is a 5 minutes walk and the gay beach is fantastic.

I was here 6 months before the Asian Tsunami so I am able to compare the gay beach and surrounding areas before and after the devastating Tsunami and I also came for the 1 year anniversary of the Tsunami and was impressed with all of the positive changes. My experience has been somewhat limited to the Paradise Complex and I must say that it is refreshing to see the recovery in progress. I would say that my visit to the temple Tsunami memorial was a good eye opener as the 1 year memorial on the beach was. The Thai people have such a way of expressing themselves that is touching in a way that’s hard to explain. I can just say that the experience left me breathless and I will forever remember that day.

I have been at the Connect two times this year and plan a 3rd trip in December. My dream is to stay here long term while also keeping my flat in San Francisco. I have a Thai Boyfriend in SF who recently graduated from the University there. It is easy to be separated from him as there are a lot of Thai men in Patong to keep my mind off of my true love. If you ever get the time to come to Phuket you have to check out the Connect and all it has to offer. Its funny but I brought a friend of mine from SF for his first trip to Thailand and it changed his life literally forever. He is back home now but calls me everyday to live vicariously trough me and fantasizes that he is still in Patong. He has never been out of the USA and vows to return with me to Phuket in December – So, like I said, If ever get the chance, come to Phuket, don’t let the memories of the Tsunami stop you from experiencing the land of smiles. Everything here is up and running and is 100% or even better than before the Tsunami. Patong Beach boasts the first early warning system for emergency notification. Come here, It will change your life forever!!

Brian T Russo
SF California


28 May 2005

junior.jpg - 15316 Bytes

Usch vad varmt
Fy vad vackert
Tvi vad god mat
Blä för alla trevliga människor.

Suck! Vi kommer tillbaka igen och igen och igen ... och igen... och igen

Tack från Micke och Ulf


06 July 2004 eric.jpg - 18156 Bytes Connect has made our trip to Phuket Island to a wonderful and memorable one.

From Vinant,Eric,Jef and Isaac.

People are good and nice here

22 June 2004 junior.jpg - 15316 Bytes Comming from a protected culture and environment, Connect is the place to be.
The eye opener to the tow of Patong and the paradise complex.
The gay day trip is a must to take. Not taking the trip would be a mistake. The staff made it memorable and unforgettable.

Thank you Connect, from the management to the staff, you are terrific and fantastic.Hope to see you again some time.

Junior, Fiji
19 June 2004 No picture How fast our 10 days in Phuket gone!
We escaped the Australian winter to enjoy the hot days and nights of the Paradise Complex. The Big plus is meeting so many friendly people from Thailand + from all over the world. Connect is the meeting place to move on to other things.
Phuket - Shall return

27 April 2004 Ferdia_finlandpic.jpg - 25735 Bytes
Go To Dentist -- get your Heart restored.
One of the unlikely side benefits of staying at Connect Guesthouse is the good relations we enjoy with the local private hospital. Ferdia O'Dowd, a regular guest from Dublin, Ireland tells his story:

I went to the Bangkok Phuket Hospital in Phuket Town on Tuesday last week for dental work. When I was leaving -- with two teeth perfectly restored -- members of the hospital's international department persuaded me to take part in their " Senior Executive Health Check Programme" which is at 50 per cent discount in off-season. I said yes and agreed to come back fasting next morning ie Wednesday. All went swimmingly well until I got to the stress test "rolling road" machine where they wire you up to the electrocardiograph. After a few minutes, the technician noticed an anomaly and very shortly a cardiologist appeared and explained to me that the trace showed strong evidence of a heart problem -- of which I knew nothing. The director of the heart department then showed up, the two had a short chat in Thai and told me that they wanted to admit me to hospital there and then. Three hours later I was in theatre watching on TV monitor as tube blew dye into my heart! After this was over, the senior guy came (complete with his own hand drawn sketch) and showed me that one of the lower arteries had serious disease and that they proposed treatment for the following day, using a balloon to blow artery out to normal size and then inserting a metal "stent" to keep the artery open permanently. I agreed. Thursday around midday I went down to the catheter room and watched the whole thing again on the monitors as the work was performed. Must admit I closed my eyes once or twice! Spent Thursday night in the intensive care unit and was let out on Friday at 5.00 pm with a sackful of various pills to lower blood pressure and control high cholesterol. Said artery had been 80 per cent blocked, so I, quite unknowingly, had been facing into a serious heart attack in the near future! I had not felt that bad -- although had been feeling tired and not sleeping very well last six months. This I assumed was due to rushing around, overseas trips and moving residence. Any discomfort that I had had was put down to indigestion problem for which I had been examined and treated a few years ago. Now I feel as if my whole body is lighter and running better, much like a car that has been in for a full service and had dirty plugs changed! Somebody somewhere has been saying a prayer for me. I had walked -- by chance, almost -- into one of the best private hospitals in SE Asia and one of only two in Thailand outside Bangkok with a heart department capable of doing this very high tech work (they also perform open heart surgery) If you, like me, are a middle aged man and have not had a full physical check-up for some years (if ever), consider taking the opportunity while you are in Connect. Its better to have the problem caught in time than try to recover from a heart attack -- if you recover! You can get the contact details from reception.
1 May 2004 No Photo May 1, 2004 Pete Gregson My friends and I spent a week in Phuket in March 2004, and this place became out daytime hangout. Great food, great seating facing the street, and lots of friendly people to meet and chat with. Also free Internet with purchase. We also did the gay day trip and this was one of the highlights of our trip! Viva and crew did an outstanding job, and we met lots of new friends. If you are in Phuket for long, you will find that all roads lead to Connect.
10 January 2004 sean.jpg - 8226 Bytes Thailand! Phuket! Patong Beach! CONNECT! Wowowowo. wonderful!

I have great time stayed at Connect guest house! At Connect,Knowing many people from all around the world. Great great friendly staffs and owners (ULF Mikaelsson and Borje). And also don't missed the gay day trip to Koh Kai island (egg island),runs by Connect. Hope see you guys soon.

Email me when have free time: LEEHWAAIK@AOL.COM



16 December 2003 Al_dennis.jpg - 25810 Bytes Al and Dennis, Malaysia

This was my first trip to Phuket, so there were many uncertainties. I booked and paid for my room online. I also asked for an Airport pickup. Connect confirmed my bookings as well as arranged for my pick-up with no problems. Most importantly, my flight was delayed but upon exit from the Arrivals terminal, there was "Chai" our airport pickup. No complaints, just a smooth ride to Paradise Complex. The room was cozy and clean. Connect is so centrally located that we did not have to go far to visit and enjoy Patong. We spent the day at the beach and the evening at the many pubs around Connect. All I can say is that Connect is fantastic

- both Dennis and I hope to return soon! AL
7 December 2003 darren_scott.jpg - 12510 Bytes Darren & Scott, Australia

Our time at Connect went very quickly. We found everyone to be VERY friendly. I would recommend Connect to anyone.
6 December 2003 Willi.jpg - 12836 Bytes Willi

Vielen Dank für die erlebensreichen und vor allem sonnige tage auf Phuket und im Connect empfehlenswert für alle, die spass und erholung mögen.

Herzlich Willi
15 November 2003 Pelle_micke.jpg - 8881 Bytes Pelle och Micke

We will be back soon again.

8 October 2003 Kris.jpg - 5422 Bytes Kris
USA, Japan

Though I was only there for a few days, I definitely enjoyed my stay at Connect. With its nice, clean facilities and friendly staff, I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to have an enjoyable stay in Phuket. Looking forward to staying again next time!

20 July 2003 peter21072003.jpg - 9982 Bytes Peter

3 July 2003 Krister2003june.jpg - 11774 Bytes Krister Svenningson

Tack för en tre härliga dagar på Connect i regn och skur. Det var precis lika bra som rekommenderat och värdarna går ej att klaga på. Mycket trevligt.
Har fått en upplevelse av Patong och kommer mer än gärna tillbaka. Kram
Stockholm Sweden

26 June 2003 alberto.jpg - 6562 Bytes Alberto

See you soon again!

13 June 2003 RoosJune2003-069.jpg - 11052 Bytesroger_rogerJune2003-009.jpg - 13958 Bytes Roos & Roger & Roger

We stayed the first time here and definitely not the last.
We had the time of our life here.
Friendly staff, good food, clean and great atmosphere.
I am sure we will come back as soon as possible!

Thanks to all friends we made here and see you soon!

Maastricht Holland
6 June 2003 JonMay2003-023.jpg - 12638 Bytes Jon from Norway

Takker for ett hyggelig upphold på 3 uker påConnect.
Rom, service instillt personall god mat & drikke. Onsker du utfukt prov deres daytrip till Kai Island.

Jag kommer tillbake garantert.

Hilsen Jon H Norway
2003 BottaMay2003-044.jpg - 14469 Bytes Botta from Norway

Thanks for good treatment and best price in Patong.
Best service as always and I'll be back soon. Keep up the good work.
Regards from
Botta Pedersen, Thousand Island Boy
2 June 2003   Mikk
Highly recommend Connect.
Very friendly staff who are great a great laugh + fun. Very clean rooms. You have to do the day trip it was fantastic and defenately an experience.
I will be comming back for more every opportunity I get. Thank you Ulf + Staff
Mikk xx
28 May 2003 YvesAndDar.jpg - 10819 Bytes Yves & Dar
So comfortable hotel. Friendly staff. Always available to any request. Warmfull Montree.
Koh Kai Island Boat trip recommended. Room clean. Prefer back room to street room. Thank you to all staff. Highly appreciate free Internet with or without computer.
Yves and Dar, France.
28 May 2003 RobGee.jpg - 11539 Bytes Rob - Australia

"Simply Magic"
This is my 3rd stay at Connect.
It just gets better!
I am looking forward to the 4th stay ...
28 May 2003 Marshall.jpg - 9383 Bytes Marshall - Australia Cairns

My first time in Phuket I stayed at Connect. It has friendly staff and is very central to all the fun
28 May 2003   John - Taiwan
This is a wonderful place, I had a great time. I stayed in another hotel my first night in Phuket. After I rented a motorbike to get around in Patong I found Connect and i decided to move here for the rest of my stay. I will soon book a room at Connect again for my next holiday and I will join the gay tour next time. See you soon in Patong.
My email


2 Dec 2002 syliaprisca.jpg - 10562 Bytes Sylvia and Prisca

S' Guesthpose isch sehr empfefehlenswärt. S' Zimmer isch gmuetlich igrichtet und sehr suber. D' Chefe und die agstellte sind sehr frundlish. Mir händ eus do sehr wchlgfuhlt!

Sylvia and Prisca, Switzerland , Basel
24/6/02 nestor.jpg - 27375 Bytes Stuart Brady and Barry Davison - Spain
Having never been to Thailand before we were both suprised and delighted to find Connect Restaurant and Internet Coffee Bar. By far the friendliest and most professionally run Bar/Restuarant in the Paradise Complex. Everything has been well thought out by these guy's. The rooms are all newly refurbished and cleanliness is of the highest standard with comfy beds, crisp clean sheets and towels. Internet connections, T.V., Air Conditioning, Mini Bar, Tea and Coffee facilities and a safety box are all supplied within the rooms. And very important for Gay's on Holiday - your own keys to come and go as late or as often as you please with no questions or problems. All of the staff are most freindly, helpfull and polite (as well as being cute) and will gladly give you as much information as you wish for directions and details of the other venues to make you stay the best. The menu has literally something for every taste from whatever part of the world you come from, with Thai and european style dishes the choice is just endless. The food prices are very competitive and it was a pleasure to eat in such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere knowing that being in the center of the Gay Paradise Complex you were never very far away from your favourite Bar and could even watch the sights going by as you dine. Weather it be outside on the terrace or inside the air conditioned lounge the service is always of the same high standard. It was nice to see the presence of the owners Ulf, Börje and Montree nearly always on hand to give that personal touch. The information desk and leaflets are always available for maps and other details. But certainly not to be missed is the Thursday Gay Day Trip to Koh Kai (Egg Island). Organised exclusively by the Connect and you can even book in advance by e-mail to be sure of your place. Starting at 11.00 am. from Patong Beach you will travel by Speedbaot to this beautiful island for an exiting fun day-out with party, party, party all the way. Food and drinks are included in the price of 1.500 baht per person and is excellent value for a GAY Day Out.
We can certainly recommend the Connect Guest House as THE place to stay in Patong Beach, Phuket. The highest standards, The friendliest people and the perfect location. What more could you ask to make your stay in Puket a delightful and memorable experience.
Stuart Brady and Barry Davison,
Pub Nestor
Playa del Ingles,
Gran Canaria,
21/6/02 Aziz.jpg - 28063 Bytes Aziz - Singapore

This has been one of my best trips. Staying at Connect, which is not a hotel but more of a home. Great hospitality and warm services from the staff. I look forward to staying there again and will tell my friends about it. Thanx for everything CONNECT

Abdul Aziz
3/5/02 Nithil.jpg - 11591 Bytes Nikhil - India

I have travelled far and wide, been to places North and+ South, East + West, climbed mountains and crossed oceans, but the warmth and loving we got from you was different - it made all the difference and made it a very pleasurable stay in Phuket !

Nikhil, Sujan, Purnina
27/4/02 Stefan_phong.jpg - 13697 Bytes Stefan och Phong

Hej Ulf and Börje!! Jag vill tacka er bägge samt ALL övrig personal för en mycket trevlig vistelse pä Connect Guesthouse. Både jag och min käre make Phong blev mycket väl omhändertagna när vi bodde hos er. Hoppas bara att inte Phongs alla vänner störde för mycket... Connect Guesthouse är ett toppen ställe som ligger så mycket strategiskt placerat att man kan sitta på resaturangen och titta ut på gatan och se allt man behöver veta och vilja se, oavsett om det är första gången man åker dit eller om det 200:e gången. Sedan är rummen kanon!! Jättefräscha och rena och tysta & detta trots placeringen. Rummen finns i alla modeller så det är bara att välja och vraka. Connect Guesthouse är ett ställe som jag tycker att man helt klart både kan och skall rekommendera alla GAY som åker till Patong!!! Det känns lite självklart att GAY skall lägga sina rosa slantar på ett Svenskt ställe så att det kommer att finnas kvar och kan expandera. Vore synd om det blev som med alla GAY ställen i Sverige att det måste ratas för att det funnits i hela 2 veckor och inte är nyöppnat.... Återigen, ett stort tack och på ett snart återseende!!!
Hälsningar, Stefan och Phong Muedthabthai Ögren
8/3/02 lurtz.jpg - 16311 Bytes  Lutz and Hugo, Germany

The first time - never thought it could be so good. We have spent a wonderful time in the Connect. Wish all luck for the future and especially "All the best " to the flying handbag which was to open this week. We'll come back. Stay as you are that's the way we like you.

Lutz & Hugo from Cologne in Germany
20/2/02 Roland.jpg - 13344 Bytes  Roland Sweden
Hej Ulf.
Jag vill tacka alla på Connect för en härlig Februari månad, som Jag aldrig kommer att glömma. Personalen har varit och är var Jag förmodar underbar, man vill inte åka därifrån. Dom har tagit hand om mig på ett underbart sätt, som Jag inte kommer att gömma i första taget.
Jag har rest runt Jorden 3 varv,och bott på Gay Hotel, men detta var det bästa Jag råkat utför
Alltså ***** av 5 möjliga.

Många Kramar från Roland rum 8

20/02/02 anders_micke_2002-02-02.jpg - 14546 Bytes Mikael och Anders, Sweden

Comments on the way
20/1/02 micke_jonas-sm.jpg - 15513 Bytes  Micke och Jonas, Sverige

Micke and Jonas, Sweden


27/12/01 anders.jpg - 17458 Bytes Anders Sweden
You guys reading this; You really have to join the one day gay boat trip! All these potential becoming friends from all over the world...Its fantastic! The photo, in Italian design,(thank you!), was shot i the afternoon, the 27th of December 2001.
Maybe I see you guys there next year?
/ Anders, Stockholm, Sweden ;-)
8/12/01 Marcus_larissa_small.jpg - 4088 Bytes  Marcus and Larissa Sweden
Thank you for a wonderful stay in Connect. Your marvelous staff made our holiday a memorable stay we could never have had elsewhere... The rooms were perfect, the food even better. But best of all was the friendly atmosphere you managed to create these two weeks we had the pleasure to stay with you. We will most certainly be back very soon to enjoy the hospitality and nice atmosphere among our friends at Connect Guesthouse. Especially we enjoyed the trip to Koh Kai Island, which is a memory we will bare in our hearts for a long time to come. Now we only have to handle the abstinence of coming home... Best, Warmest and the most Kind Regards from Larissa and Marcus."
1/12/01 Vi letar efter bilden  Mats och Jörgen Sweden
Till alla som vi har träffat och allt vi har sett och upplevt kan vi bara säga. Man vill tillbaka. Connect är definitivt ett ställe för varm gemenskap och fin personal. Vi kommer tillbaka!! Hälsningar Mats och Jörgen
26/11/01 M&M.jpg - 4722 Bytes Magnus and Mats Sweden
Ulf and Börje and ALL the Staff at Connect! As usual you made our stay in Patong a great one! The Koh Kai trip was great fun and we can strongly recommend it to anyone who considers having a day of sand, sun and fun! Living in the midst of the gaydistrict was very convenient and fun, great rooms, close to everything and a lot of wonderful people! Thanks once again Ulf and Börje!
Magnus and Mats , Sweden
26/11/01 coffey.jpg - 10092 Bytes Dough Coffey
Ulf, You are the "perfect" host!
I was fortunate enough to enjoy your buffet twice. Can't wait to have that first plate of your wonderful fried potatoes next year.
Good luck to you!
Dough Coffey
21/11/01 atle_karledwin.jpg - 14024 Bytes Atle o Kerl Edwin
Vi tackar Ulf Johan Montree ag alle de andre flotte arbeiderne her på Connect for veldig hyggelige dagar hos dere!
Dere har skapt en fantastisk fin oase midt i Patongmyldret hvor det var godt å vare.
Nydelig Thaimat hedde dere også. Hvis vil huske den deilige dagsturen til den nydelige Øya Koh Kai med "måkeskrik", krystallklart vann og fisk som spiste brod fra hånda.
Tusen takk Atle og Karl Edvin
20/11/01 hakan_Anders.jpg - 16755 Bytes Håkan o Anders

En Semester i Thailand ar aldrig fullständig utan ett besök i Patong och ett boende på Connect guesthouse, mitt i Patongs härliga generösa Gay kvarter.
Ett absolut måste är Gay trippen på torsdagar. Ett minne för livet. En samling fjollor tar Thailandska öar i besittning. Nya kontakter knyts. Vi rekommenderar varmt Connect Guesthouse och dess trevliga ägare och personal. Vi rekommenderar även varmt thai bananer.
Håkan o Anders
10/11/01 101101-robbie-small.jpg - 16335 Bytes Robbie

Dear Ulf and Tom,
Thanks so much for making my stay in Patong so much fun. Can't wait for next year to come back.
Robbie Shaw, Key West, Florida, USA,
14/10/01  Dear all at Connect,
We are the Spanish and French guys who just spent a week in Patong. We're now back to real life in Barcelona and we wanted to thank you for the great moments we had in Connect.
Your beautiful sense of service, the permanent smile of the staff and the very good food made those hours one of the best of our holidays and Connect obviously the best place in Patong.

The trip to Koh-Kai will also remain forever in our memories. Beautiful place and fantastic staff. We're still laughing of their great sense of humour (particularly our scandalous arriving on the second beach)! We will send you pictures when we have them scanned.
You can be sure that we will warmly recommend you to all our friends in Spain and in France. Many thanks for being as you are. We miss you. Joan and FranDear all at Connect, We are the Spanish and French guys who just spent a week in Patong. We're now back to real life in Barcelona and we wanted to thank you for the great moments we had in Connect. Your beautiful sense of service, the permanent smile of the staff and the very good food made those hours one of the best of our holidays and Connect obviously the best place in Patong. The trip to Koh-Kai will also remain forever in our memories. Beautiful place and fantastic staff. We're still laughing of their great sense of humour (particularly our scandalous arriving on the second beach)! We will send you pictures when we have them scanned. You can be sure that we will warmly recommend you to all our friends in Spain and in France.
Many thanks for being as you are. We miss you.
Joan and Fransois
28/9/01 jorgen.jpg - 10779 Bytes Jörgen

From Sweden. Comments on the way
24/9/01 Ivar, Patrik, Roy

From Norway and Sweden. Comments on the way
14/9/01 roger_samir.jpg - 16254 Bytes Roger and Samir, US
Just a Quick note to thank all the staff at Connect Ulf, Montree, Tom, Boy. Everyone made my friend and I feel welcome, well more than welcome - They made us feel like friends. The Thursday Boat trip Could have been like any other boat trip in town, except the guys on the Connect Staff made it so much more.
Personality Plus !! Had a super time !!
Our stay happened to be during the New York Twin Towers crisis and the staff extended themself in our effort to get back to the US.
Thank you Connect
Roger and Samir
6/9/01 anders_micke.jpg - 6342 Bytes Anders and Michael och, Stockholm - Sweden

One day at koh Kai Island.

Conect the best a man can get :-))
Lovely place nice staff and god prices........
We will be back..........:-))
8/3/01 jorgen_Ake2.jpg - 4896 Bytesjorgen_Ake1.jpg - 8218 Bytesjorgen_Ake3.jpg - 4787 Bytes Jörgen och Åke, Stockholm - Sweden

Ett stort TACK till alla på Connect som gjorde vår semester fantastisk. När dollarn passerade 11-strecket bokade vi av vår Hawaiiresa och åkte till Thailand istället. Och så här efteråt kan vi bara buga o bocka för att kronan föll som en sten för nu har vi fått vänner från Hawaii som vi kan bo hos om vi skulle vilja åka dit. Tack vare den superba Koh kai utflykten så har vi lyckats få kamrater från jordens alla hörn. USA, Sydafrika, Taiwan, Australien, Malaysia etc. För oss blev Connect som ett andra hem i Patong där vi dagligen träffade våra nya kompisar för att käka eller bara relaxa innan vi kanske drog vidare till nåt annat. Det kändes som vi var på en mindre Pride-festival hela tiden. Kanon. En jättekram till personalen som hjälpte oss med mängder av saker; Montrey (bilutflykten), Tom som ordnade med vår 10- årsdag där personalen spelade Happy Birthday och hurrade och Am som efter många försök lyckades ordna biljetter till filmen Suriothai. Tack också för nallarna! Stort kram och tack också till dej Ulf som utan att blinka tog dej tid att umgås (hoppas Du har det lättare att ta dej upp på morgnarna nu när vi inte är där), ta med oss till relativt turistfria beacher och thailändska schlager klubbar. Stor kram för att Du är just den du är och att du har ordnat ett kanon gayresort i Thailand. Vi ses igen när vi mellanlandar på vår väg mot nya kamrater i Australien.
Jörgen och Åke
5/8/01 harald.jpg - 6909 Bytes
Harald, always snorkeling. This time with some dolphins
Harald Oslo, Norway

After my third visit to Connect, and two boat trips to Koh Khai, I have enjoyed a lot, but revealed little. I have really enjoyed staying with you, every time. Connect guesthouse is the "talk of the town". Everybody meets here, for breakfast or before heading out to the pulsating nightlife-just a cornerstone away. The personnel at Connect help you out - with everyday -life information as well as issues on Thailand. Connect makes your holiday easy. Keep on, Ulf and crew! PS! I am really looking forward to renovated and bigger rooms. Harald Oslo, Norway
17/7/01 David, USA
I first found Connect on the Internet and having read some other sites decided that this sounded the most enthusiastic and well-organized place available in Phuket. I was also comforted by the thought that it was owned and operated by two guys from Sweden, a nation that has my highest regard. I arrived late at night as my flight had been delayed in Australia, but this was of no consequence as the staff at Connect were ready to receive me and their helpful and charming service had me quickly settled in Connect 2, a relatively new extension to this growing business. After just two weeks in Thailand I could write volumes about this delightful destination but this is not the place for a long article, and it has been done many times before by people that are far more qualified than myself. However just a brief note from a personal observation. Thailand is quite different from the west and despite years of tourism retains a very distinct culture of its own, and it's a culture that you would be well advised to know something about before you arrive. From the gay travelers perspective probably the best book I have seen is "The Men of Thailand" International Standard Book Number 0-942777-30-1. Try and get a copy of this and read it carefully, for if you absorb some of its information you will have a much better time in Thailand than landing here with a host of preconceived ideas that probably have nothing to with the real truth. At the very least get information on the customs and living habits of the Thai people. Although the Thai are far too polite to say anything, they find a lot of things that the "farangi" (foreigner) do and say as extremely rude. Probably the hardest thing to come to grips with is the Thais distaste for confrontation. Loosing one's temper and shouting is simply not done in Thai society and the individual who goes in for this sort of behavior looses all face. A "cool heart" is highly prized. If things go wrong remain calm and complain quietly to the appropriate person. Shouting will get you nowhere. There are a number of other definite no-nos in Thailand and these are all well covered in the book mentioned above. If in doubt consult with Ulf at Connect. He's been here long enough to know the true story. In fact some of the more pleasant periods of my stay at Connect have been the conversations that I have had with Ulf over a coffee after breakfast on the terrace which opens directly onto the street. This is a great place to sit and watch the world go by and to see the amazing variety of people that makes up Thailand This country must have more beautiful people per square mile than any other place on earth and with a little luck you will get to meet some of them. One more thing. If you have the time, do take the gay day trip to the tiny island of Koh Kai. This is organized by Connect and is a fun day of sun, snorkeling and great food among friends. It should not be missed. David Nichols Fort Lauderdale Florida
17/7/01 Goran-A-small.jpg - 15714 Bytes Göran, Sweden

Efter 14 dygn i bambuhydda i Indonesien var det verkligen skönt att bli välkomnad på Connect. Hoppas ombyggnaden håller vad den såg ut att lova - men det får jag se när jag kommer tillbaka till Connect, snart igen. Göran
17/7/01 Tor_Steinar-small.jpg - 12427 Bytes Tor o Steinar, Norway

Thank you Ulf and your lovely staff at Connect, for a nice time in your guesthouse. During the past 10 years we have been to Thailand 15 times, and one of the best experiences we have had was the gay day trip to Koh Kai. Lovely island, good food and drinks. Lot of fun, both with other "farangs" and the thai staff. We hope to join you again soon. Best regards from Tor & Steinar (Stiff) Best regards Tor & Steinar
Tor o Steinar
29/6/01 Christopher.-small.jpg - 4871 Bytes Christopher, Australia

This has been the most fantastic stay in Phuket. The staff at Connect are bty far the best. The Gay Day trip to Koh Kai Island was like an amazing dream and my friend Mickey has captured my heart. I highly recommend Connect and I can't wait to return.
15/6/01 Thom_small.jpg - 25948 Bytes Thom, Canada

I enjoined my stay at Connect very much. Very friendly staff + all handsome too!
2 of the best weeks of holiday I've ever spent right in the center of the action.
I'll be back for the great food, nice room (try the penthouse!) and the life in Phuket.
Thom - Canada
12/6/01 arno_steen.gif - 31151 Bytes Arno og Steen, Denmark

Kare Ulf og personalet på Connect. Vi har haft nogle pragtfuld 14 dage pa hotellet og i Patong og kommer gerne igen, så lad os håbe at naste gang bliver lige så godt. Vi reser nu den 12/6-01 og glaeder oss till julen 15/12-01
6/6/01 edmond.gif - 44045 Bytes Edmond Malaysia, Guest at Connect 4 June

Hi. I am looking for an American friend from Texas, whom I met at the Blue Dolphin on the 3rd. of June 2001. I was so silly that I forgot to ask his name and email address. I just want to apologize for not being able to join him for a drink that night. Friend, if you see this photo and note, please write to me at . Thanks Ulf for allowing me to post this note! HUGS. Edmond, Malaysia
30.05.01 botta-small.JPG - 21141 Bytes Bötta Pedersen (dragartist), Drag queen from Norway

30.05.01 Under mitt opphold i Patong, så var Connect et naturlig samlings-sted. God service og veldig sentralt. Ellers må jeg anbefale "Gay day trip", hver torsdag, som er et must. Både for oss skeive og for herlighetens skyld. Glem Phi Phi. Jeg gleder meg til januar -02, når jeg skal ned til Thailand igjen. Vil nok bli boende på Connect Gesthouse. Og ser dere Marilyn Monroe dritings på en karaoke-bar, så er det bare meg. Og ja, jeg er gutt! Kjempeklem til alle jeg ble kjent med! Bötta Pedersen (dragartist)
8/3/01 ola-kennethsmall.JPG - 27617 Bytes Apollo-Ola och Kenneth

One day at koh Kai Island. - Tack för dessa underbara månader jag hade hos er på Connect. tillslut så blev det 7 och en halv månad som jag var i phuket. Jag saknar denna tid och allt skoj vi hade... För er som besöker phuket så åk med på utflykten till Koh Kai,detta är en underbar dag som man aldrig glömmer (denna bild kommer där ifrån) och ta detta tipset från en reseledare. Många kramar Ola från Apollo med Pojkvän Kenneth.
18/2/01 group-small.jpg - 31616 Bytesgroup2.jpg - 7604 Bytes Six of us
We set out on the weekly trip to Koh Kai. The weather was perfect, promising much sun, surf and sand. We ere not disapointed. After an unscheduled short delay in the middle of Chalong Bay we were on way by speed boat to Kai Island. The afternoon was filled with swimming, exporing and sun bahting. We were lucky to visit the smallest "Koh Kai" and had it to ourselves for most of the afternoon in addition to the resident crab, fish and ants. We had a delicious barbecue of chicken saute, hot dogs and fresh exotic fruits. Thanks to the staff at Connect for putting togeather a great day trip.
2/2/01 leifk_sm.jpg - 10381 Bytes Leif K Sweden/Paris
A bit of Sweden, a bit of Thailand in a friendly atomsphere, what could be better for a gay swede "in exil" coming to Thailand for the first time. A big bravo to helpful and patient Ulf.
Leif K.


11/12/00 gustav-small.jpg - 10381 Bytes Gustav, Linköping Sweden

10/12/00 richardsoderberg-small.jpg - 10381 Bytes Rickard, Malin, Olle, Kicki, Sweden
27/11-29/11 and 10/12 2000.
Ett guesthouse som vi hittade på Internet med en mycket bra och snabb onlinebokning, frågor besvarades snabbt via e-post och det uppskattade vi mycket. Centralt läge med rena frächa rum till bra priser, servicen och maten på guesthouset är mycket bra med en hemtrevlig känsla. Här kommer vi att bo fler gånger och rekommendera till andra.
05/12/00 davidlukey-small.jpg - 4421 Bytes David Lukey Vernon, BC, Canada
5 December 2000.
Perfect Beach, Great Company, BBQ-sun, 3 adults and a child on a motorbike crashed in the crazy traffic. Wonderful people, sunsets to die for... I guess it is amazing Thailand for sure. Naturally try Connect it's a blast.
04/12/00 kristina-and-nancy-small.jpg - 6047 Bytes Kristna and Nancy, USA
Today is our 8th and last day here at Connect and we are so sad to leave. We could easily have spent a month here with the warm, friendly staff, great food and central location. It really felt like our home away from home. We are already planning our next trip to Thailand and will definitely stay at Connect again and again. We highly recommend staying here, weather you prefer a quiet place where you have lots of privacy or somewhere to meet other friends, you can find both here. We had a wonderful time.
Kristina and Nancy
04/12/00 tom-small.jpg - 8967 Bytes Tom, Thailand
This is a wonderful place for me. Everyone here is very friendly, the food is great and I feel like home when I Stay here. I am having a great time and I am sure that I will be back here again soon.
01/12/00 davidcheung-small.jpg - 8011 Bytes David Cheung, Australia
I have a lovely and memorable stay at the Connect Guesthouse. Every staff here looks after me very well, it's just like a member of the family. One of the most exciting moments was to ride on a bike (driven by lovely Ulf) to the Laem Sing Beach. Lastly, thank you everyone at the Connect Guesthouse for their great hospitality.
01/12/00 stefanlund-small.jpg - 7149 Bytes Stefan Lund, Sweden
Oktober - November 2000.
Kommentarer på väg...
01/12/00 markjungers-small.jpg - 5697 Bytes Mark Jungers, Falls Church, Virginia, USA
Well, we got home to Washington this afternoon (1610 our time on 02DEC, 0410 03DEC YOUR time versus the time of this email, at 0120 on the 3rd MY time!) I'm up late as my body-clock is all screwed-up!). Yes, all was fine after we left you. Bali was OK, but have no desire to go back, as opposed to Patong! It's just too "touristy" if you know what I mean. And dirty beaches (a lot of garbage on the beaches). We had a good time, just not as good a time as with you at Connect. We both felt very, how shall I say, "not at home" vs. with you at Connect. And God, how we loved that day-trip to Ko Kai! (spelling?) That was TRULY fabulous! Hong Kong, of course, for ME, was like going home, I just love it so much. Tyce wants to move to and live in Patong, I want to live in Hong Kong!!!! Well, that way, I could visit him and you for weekends!!! How about that? Ulf, I was so happy going back to Patong, and staying with you at Connect. I just love it. I hope to get back many more times again! Although, I don't know when that might be, but I said that LAST year, and look...I returned in 15 months!!! We both so enjoyed our stay, and your company. You are a wonderful host/hostess (choose one). We both really felt out of place when we left.
01/12/00 tyce-small.jpg - 6627 Bytes Tyce Light, Washington DC, USA
Ett stort tack till Ulf och alla på Connect. Hade inte varit i Thailand förrut. Hörde om Connect genom kompisar som var här förra året. Kan inte tänka om två bättre ställen. Patong Beach och Connect. Trevigt folk, god mat, en tvättstuga(!). Man kan inte önska mer. Ser fram emot återresan till Patong och Connect.
30/11/00 lennartkjellander-small.jpg - 7332 Bytes Lennart Kjellander, Sweden
6/11-30/11 2000.
Var här några händelserika veckor november 2000. Huvudsakligen i det underbart romantiska Penthouse, tornrummet, medan karnevalen pulserade utanför och fick ALLTING att vibrera. Lennart Kjellander
29/11/00 terry-and-mike-small.jpg - 5635 Bytes Terry and Mike, Australia
19 - 29 November 2000.
This is the end of our second stay at Connect. Great location well run, Good advice, friendly staff and clean accommodation. This year there was the addition of some well organised escorted day tours to great locations. A great place to stay. We will be back again. Terry Friar and Michael Watson
20/11/00 johnchristian-small.jpg - 6099 Bytes John Christian, Sweden
17/11-20/11 2000.
When the Bar manager did not belive that I last night took a sleeping pill and slept alone then (if not before) it's time to leave. I give my love to all beautiful people of Patong Beach.
22/10/00 mikael-small.jpg - 6791 Bytes Mikael, Sweden
29 September - 22 Oktober.
Tack för en mycket trevlig men omtumlande semester på Connect hotell september oktober 2000. Jag vill även tacka Ulf och hans gulliga personal samt önskar alla enn jättestor kram från Mikael och Bengt PS All lycka och framtid från oss till eder Vi kommer tillbaka DS
22/10/00 bengt-ek-small.jpg - 7205 Bytes Bengt Ek, Härnösand, Sweden
Vistelsen hos Ulf (20 september - 22 oktober) har varit till högsta belåtenhet. Jag vill varmt rekommendera Thai-buffen på Söndagarna, båtutflykterna, ja precis allt har varit till belåtenhet. På köpet har man funnit nya vänner såväl inom Thailandsom på turistfronten. Tack till Ulf och all personal.
11/09/00 110900-david-small.jpg - 7462 Bytes David J McCathie, Auckland, New Zealand
What a great place to stay!
A helpful friendly owner and staff. The rooms are also excellent and very comfortable and the location!! Connect would have to be the best gay guesthouse I have ever had the pleasure of staying in. Many, many thanks!
08/09/00 david-david-frank-small.jpg - 10053 Bytes David, David and Frank from Australia, 3 -9 September 2000
The owner and staff are very professional in the attitude & approach to their guests and set very high standards. The accommodation is comfortable exceptionally clean and centrally located in the gay area. If you want anything to suit your needs the staff know where you can get it! The Sundayy night buffet is highly recommended and prices are very reasonable
13/06/00 mark-small.jpg - 6553 Bytes Mark, Austria
The best time I spent this year was sure in the Connect Guesthouse in Patong. Lovely people everywhere and I'll never forget Patong and the beautiful and lovely people here. I'll be back as soon as possible.
29/05/00 kevin-ervin-micky-small.jpg - 7235 Bytes Kevin, Ervin, Micky, U.S.A.
Our stay was pleasurable and of course eventful. Thanks for the warm hospitality and look forward to our stay in the future.
16/05/00 Johan Keller Johan Keller, Linköping, Sweden
Har bott länge på Connect Guesthouse i rum 11 (det mycket trivsamma Penthouset). Lämnade en snöig flygplats i Norrköping den 15/3. Tillbringade en månad i Chiang Mai med omgivningar. Anlände till Patong på självaste Songkran, Thailändarnas nyår den 13/4. Stort tack till personalen men ett alldeles speciellt tack till Ulf och Dean. (Sorry Johan, vi var tvungen att korta ditt bidrag till gästboken).
10/05/00 forrester-small.jpg - 6395 Bytes
We had the best time at Connect in early May. Weather excellent, room food service all superb.A heaven for the discerning traveller.
X factor plus!
We'll be back.
30/03/00 robin-small.jpg - 8004 Bytes Robin Grams, Gothenburg, Sweden
To Jan, Ulf and the lovely staff of Connect Guesthouse.
Thank you all for 12 unforgettable days (and nights :)). In my five weeks in Thailand, my time in Patong and Connect will hold a special place in my heart. I wish you all the best of luck, and look forward to seeing you all again next year.
29/03/00 stefan-johan-small.jpg - 7150 Bytes Stefan and Johan, Sweden
Connect Guesthouse is the perfect place to stay at in the gay area of Patong. Clean and comfortable rooms and terrific staff.
Don't miss the food!
Many thanks for a wonderful time!
15/03/00 larsohilding.jpg - 18817 Bytes Hilding Håckerström and Lars Johansson, Reva, Linköping, Sweden
Många varma tack till Ulf och Örjan på Connect för all information om Phuket och båtutflykterna till Kho Kai, Laem Sing samt nattlivets alla hemligheter. Vi har ätit gott och haft fin kamratskap på Connect.
05/03/00 verlof-werner-small.jpg - 5523 Bytes Prettig Verlof, Mon En Werner, Belgium
Hiermede willen wij iedereen laten weten dat we hier gastvry ontvangen zijn en we raden jullie zeker aan voor deze prijs het guesthouse te reserveren.
21/02/00 210200-patrick-small.jpg - 6558 Bytes Patrick, Auckland, New Zealand
I enjoyed the hospitable and friendly attitude of Ulf, Jan and all the staff at Connect. The introductions they gave me to reliable companies for sightseeing and travel arrangements resulted in some fabulous days around Phuket with friendly people. Connect's Internet facility is really well set up and convenient. I'll be back in Phuket soon and certainly I'll stay at Connect again.
05/02/00 niclas-peter-helen-small.jpg - 10045 Bytes Niclas, Peter and Helen, Sweden
Har varit på Phuket många gånger och bott på alla möjliga ställen. Tack vare Connect, Ulf och Örjan med personal, så blev de här tio dagarna utover det vanliga - som att komma hem helt enkelt.

Missa inte maten!
28/01/00 roger-svenolof-small.jpg - 9307 Bytes Roger och Sven-Olof, Sverige
(kortat) Connect Guesthouse är ett trevligt hotell med god service. Värdparet har verkligen gjort sitt för att hjälpa oss, förstagångsresenärer i landet, på traven. Städningen inte att förglömma, har skett dagligen med handduksbyten (vår erfarenhet från övriga hotell är mycket sämre). Internetbokningen fungerar alldeles utmärkt.
24/01/00 240100-gerald-small.jpg - 10342 Bytes Dr Gerald C Schwertzeger
What a wonderful place to visit! Ulf, Jan and the staff of Connect set THE standard of Thai/Swedish hospitality. Rarely have I encountered such friendliness and helpfulness anywhere in the world. Connect is truly a fun, relaxed and enjoyable place to stay.
19/01/00 chris-bruin-small.jpg - 10664 Bytes Chris, Rotterdam, Holland
Beste Jan en Ulf. Bedankt voor alle goede zorgen, en de perfekte gastvrijheid. Veel succes in de toekomst. Ik kan Connect van harte aanbevelen als zynde een zeer goede gaybar. Groetjes Chris uit Rotterdam
18/01/00 per-och-christina-small.jpg - 11429 Bytes Per and Christina, Stockholm, Sweden
Tack till Ulf och Örjan och övrig trevlig personal på Connect. Vi är här för andra året och kommer tillbaka snart igen. En gemytlig och hemtrevlig atmosfär gör att man verkligen känner sig hemma och trivs. Verkligen ett ställe att rekommendera.
Kram och tack!
15/01/00 jerome-small.jpg - 5949 Bytes Jerome Lee, Singapore
Check out room 9, it was our love nest for days...also check out our good hosts, Ulf and lean Dean! They are fab. Have a good stay and stay "Connect".
05/01/00 David, Jason and Carter David, Jason and Carter, Denver, Colorado, U.S.
Thank you Connect Guesthouse is a great place for peace, quiet and relaxation. It's in a superb location for shopping eating. You can also make it to the beach in about 5 minutes. The rooms are clean and the service is excellent. The food is equally good. For anyone straight or gay this is a wonderful place to stay.
Highly recommended it.
David, Jason and Carter Denver Colorado, USA.. Kyoto, Japan
02/01/00 Ken and Les Ken and Les, U.S.
The miracle of the Internet worked well for us. In your little establishment right in the heart of "the paradise" we found a home away from home especially for Christmas and New Year's.
Thank you!
02/01/00 Le0pold och Johan Linköping, Sweden
Nu är tiden kommen att lämna Connect, vår bas i Phuket December -99. Vi gör det efter att ha bott in oss med vårt "sovrum" ett par våningar upp medan vardagsrummet utgjorts av restaurang och lobby som vetter mot nöjesutbudet inklusive ett utsökt kök och serveringspersonal som fått oss att må som prinsar. Hela tiden händer det något och de som inte har lyckan att få bo här kommer ändå ofta förbi och äter något. Det hela är så medryckande att många med oss knappt får ens sina vykort skrivna. Denna gång var den första men om vi får bestämma inte den sista, hoppas att inte vardagen där hemma blir allt för tyst och grå efter detta äventyr. Kramar till er alla på Connect. Leopold och Johan


30/12/99 Nigel Nigel Musk, Sweden.
Thank you all once again for your first class hospitality. As is the case with the many other visitors who have already returned to Connect during its relatively short history, I have come to expect high quality in every respect: their excellent and reasonably priced Thai cuisine, immediate personal assistance whatever the situation or problem, etc. Without exception I have always received service with a smile from their carefully selected staff. Connect can only receive my warmest recommendations.
14/12/99 Leif och Ole Leif (left) og Ole (right) Norway.
I en uke har Connect vært vårt hjem og ikke minst et roligt tilfluktssted i en masete by. Maten er god och servicen førsteklasses.
09/12/99 Dean Dean, Los Angeles, USA.
Connect has the best location as all the best night spots are right there. Very nice ambiance, a friendly staff and great price too!! Thank you and hope to see you soon.
09/12/99 Colin Colin, Scotland, Jersey Channel Islands.
This is my second visit to Phuket and a return stay at Connect. I came back because of the friendliness and helpfulness of Ulf, Jan and the staff and would most definitely recommend the guesthouse to my friends. Nothing is too much trouble for them. Best wishes for the future.
04/12/99   Hugo, Norway and Art, Thailand.
Så har 3 raske mnd gått, vi har bodd och levd som en stor glad familie. Vi har også vart ute og reist under denne tiden, men det har vaert godt og komme "hjem". Vi klemmer og takker for denne gang, og vi ses snart igjen!
01/12/99 Tom and SveinHugo and Art Svein, Norway and Tom, Thailand.
Nok en gang takk for en kjempehyggelig ferie med Connect som et naturlig midtpunkt. En ferie i godt selskap går sa altfor fort. På Connect møter du lokalbefolkning og tilreisende gjester i en uforpliktende atmosfære. Et frist pust midt inne i et hektisk nabolag. Vi kommer snart igjen.
28/11/99 Nisse, Sweden Nils Fredriksson, Stockholm, Sweden.
Har bott en vecka på Connect. Ulf och Örjan har verkligen lyckats skapa ett ställe med både litet hemkänsla och thailändsk atmosfär. Vänlig och serviceinriktad personal alltifrån städpojken till barpersonalen och inte minst värdarna själva. Här äter man också en god thailändsk middag. Eftersom jag hunnit bo både i Penthouset, ett par olika a/c-rum och den enklaste varianten, kan jag rekommendera samtliga beroende på vad man önskar av komfort eller tycker plånboken tillåter. Och hur du än bor på Connect, här är man "mitt i smeten" om man gillar barlivet! (För att låna en del av en reklamslogan från ett välkänt mobiltelefonföretag: Connect - connecting people.
28/11/99 Peter, Sweden Peter, Stockholm, Sweden.
Tack för en jättetrevlig vecka i underbart sällskap. Kommer garanterat tillbaka!
27/11/99 Two girls from Sweden Sweden
Vi bodde på Connect i november +99, i slutet av vår 8 månders resa i Asienn. Vi trivdes från första stund. Superbra service och urgullig personal. God mat, bra rum. Helt klart det bästa stället vi bott på!
27/11/99 Ingemar och Thomas Ingemar (left) and Thomas, (right), Sweden
Nästan som hemma. All den trevliga personalen med Ulf och Örjan (Jan) i spetsen gör att man snabbt känner sig som en i familjen Connect. För andra gångeen har vi stannat till Patong för att bada, shoppa och ta del av det stora och vänliga nöjeslivet. Att återvända till Connect för att bo och äta kändes självklart och vi kan nästan lova att vi återkommer nästa år. Köket är troligen ett av de bättre på Patong, och det till mycket bra priser. Gör som vi, bli en av medlemmarna i familjen Connect.
06/11/99 Mirec and Stuart Stuart (left) and Mirec, (right), Slovakia
Bolo tu fain. Proste super douolenska. Ak sens niekto pride zo Slovenska, myslite na "Raj" a nepohorsujte sa nad nicim. Vsetko je tu douolene. To vsak, neznamena ze to musite robyt. Mirec

Nothing more than heaven. Sit, relax and watch the boys go by. Stuart.
03/11/99 Steven and Derek Steven and Derek, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
Aloha! Connect guesthouse is a refreshing blend of European sensibility and Thai fun. And oasis of comfort in racey Patong, I heartily recommend Ulf and Jan's hospitality to any weary fun-seeking traveller.
31/10/99 Sten and Rune Sten and Rune, Sweden
Happy hours every day
Life at night is gay
We are happy with Connect
Coming here was "good select"
Many thanks for joyful "mood"
and aswell for excellent food.

Best wishes!
20/10/99 Isabella och Mattias Isabella and Mattias, Sweden
Skulle egentligen bara stannat 1 natt I Patong men det blev 5. Tack vare ett bra och billigt rum och trevlig personal på Connect Guesthouse!

Tack för allt!
20/10/99 Rick Drommel Rick Drommel
Hallo. Ik ben Rick uit Zandvoort, Holland. 2 keer per jaar ben ik te vinden, hier in Patong Beach Phuket! Meestal in de maand: Mei en October. Als jy of jullie hier in Patong Phuket zyn, bezoek dan zeker... Connect Restaurant en Internet Cafe!! Hier vindt je een uitstekende keuken, zeer goede service, en het gemak van computergebruik. Ik zou zeggen tot -!
Groetjes Rick Drommel
19/10/99 Mario GoesMario Mario J. Goes ,San Francisco, USA
Connect GH was my "home" for 14 days/13 nights. While traveling, I rarely "hang my hat" in one spot for what I consider such a lengthy time, but Connect was and is an exception. Here, I set-up camp. I made friends, learned Thai "nit noi", taught English, chased an array of beautiful "papillons", plus the usual wrote, read, played, ate, drank, walked to and from the beach with ease (and with company if so desired, but, most importantly, I felt part of the Connect "family", not just as a guest.

The restaurant and cafe area, surrounded by lush green flora, is quite pleasant, welcoming and accommodating. It will pamper your every need and whim, while simultaneously "fixing" two of life's simple addictions: caffeine (real Swedish brewed coffee) and cyber. So, relax and don't be in a hurry, or Thai life in general, and Patong in particular, will undoubtedly pass you by.

In sum, I recommend Connect GH without hesitation. Ulf and Jan are perfect hosts (plus a wealth of all kinds of information), and the entire Connect staff compliments the ambiance admirably. If you can, stay in the Penthouse and throw away your watch.

San Francisco USA
(on the road for a year)

I am not sure about the correct spelling of the word "papillon" -- which, in French, means "butterfly".
Thanks again ... rest assured, if I am passing through Phuket, you will see my smiling face again ...
15/10/99 Brian Stuski
Comments on the way...
22/08/99 Antonio and Reanu Antonio from Spain and Reanu from Malaysia.
Do you want an ordinary accommodation when you come to Phuket, a place where you get the M'am and Sir treatment, with meaningless smiles? Then you'd better not drop by! But if a warm, sincere "Welcome" still counts for you, where both it's Swedish owners and the staff will surely be part of your best memories you bring back home. Thank y'all.
Reanu & Antionio
20/08/99 Alfred and Mark, U.S Alfred (left) and Mark (right), Washington DC, U.S.
We had a fabulous time at Connect! Orjan, Ulf and their staff could not have been more accommodating, nice, funny and sweet! We stayed four days at Connect, as planned, went back to Bangkok for two days, and when our Cathay Pacific Plane was sent back to Bangkok on August 22 because of the China Airlines crash and Hong Kong Airport closure, decided to come back to Phuket and Connect again from BKK rather than deal with waiting for the airline to deal with us there. We happily bought another set of round-trip tickets back to Phuket (AND CONNECT) rather than wait in BKK with 600 passengers that night. Two days later, Cathay Pacific was better able to get us home.
Connect is fantastic! A first rate operation! The rooms are a great bargain, and the hospitality and service are great! The restaurant was also very good. I'm sure it will only get better with their expansion!
We must give my best regards to Tina and all the other staff for the great service we had when with you (both times)! We hope to see you again, hopefully very soon. Best regards, Alfred Robinson and Mark Jungers.
12/08/99 Norway Reidun, Roy, Birgit, Grethe, Hele, Marianne, Norway.
Vi vandret ned gaten och så et svenskt flagg, ikke helt vårt, men nære gode naboer: or whatever. Her kom vi 6 nordmenn, sultne, langt hjemmefra og hva fant vi, jo, Ørjans service och Uffe som fixet det meste for oss med Wasa Husman och gulost och til og med melk. Hva er det ikke disse gutten fixer. Efter Ørjans gode råd har vi vært på tur både till Phi Phi och James Bond Island og også her trådte de til med take away mat. Vi takker for oss och kan anbefale Connect på det varmeste.
Manga hilsner fra 6 sultne nordmenn.
Roy, Birgit, Grethe, Helge, Marianne og Reidun.
Vi ønsker lykke till med utbyggning och modernisering av restauranten, men oansett så er det ett hyggelig sted och en blir tatt vare på. Takk for denna gang, kanskje vi ses?
20/07/99 John, Australia John Rochford, Australia.
I'd like to express my thanks for your hospitality, e-mail, coffee, beer and excellent food ! Your staff were great. Although not staying at Connect, I did make it my base (Oasis) for my trip to Phuket.

Thanks and see you again in about 6 months.
18/07/99 Lisa, Fredik and Stefan Lisa, Fredrik och Stefan, Sweden.
Vi tackar för en underbar vistelse här på Patong. Här är fräscht och ombonat och den kunniga personalen alltid lika trevliga och hjälpsamma. Här kan man fråga om allt, vi litar på dem till 100%. Bra mat, snus och svenskt kaffe.
18/07/99 Roy, Norway Roy Thomassen, Norway
I enjoyed very much my stay in Connect Guesthouse, Orjan (Jan) and Ulf and their friendly staff, make this guesthouse and restaurant to a perfect stay in Patong. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, just like a private home in Thailand. And the best of all - late breakfast until midnight.

Visit my picture pages from Patong:
18/07/99 Steve and Hermione, New Zealand Steve and Hermione, New Zealand.
Friendly service, great travelling advice. Thanks to Connect for all the help during our stay at Patong Beach.

A very "interesting" place.
18/07/99 Perfidia, US Steven "Perfidia", New York U.S.
Ring a ling...
Connect me to Connect! My second family.

Love Perfidia.
See you next year.
15/07/99 Picture not available. Leo, U.S.
I enjoyed very much my stay in Connect Guesthouse. Jan and Ulf and their friendly staff make their best to provide various services and information. The food in the restaurant is excellent. I also used permanently their Internet services which include Telnet. Staying in Connect Guesthouse enables one to be in the very center of Patong's nightlife yet in a relaxed and very friendly environment.
12/07/99 Roger, Belgium Roger De Ruyck, Belgium.
I enjoyed my stay in Connect Guethouse because of the friendly atmosphere, which makes you feel right at home. Everything is done to make your holiday a thing to remember.
12/07/99 Richard, Phillipines Richard C. Leuci, Phillipines.
I had a very enjoyable stay in Phuket and at Connect. The friendly informal atmosphere added to the visit. When/if I return to Phuket I would stay Connect. The excellent web page made it easy to make the reservation.
12/07/99 Michael, U.S Michael Feldstein, U.S
Connect is a great place to hang out, have a full meal, a fancy drink or hang out for an hour or two over a coffee. Service is wonderful. The staff is alert, polite and smiles never seem to vanish. Background music and video are engaging while not jarring. You can actually have a conversation without shouting. While Connect is smack in the center of "gay world" Patong, it serves as a bit of an island retreat from the go go boys and beer bars; the perfect place to take a date. Both of us look forward to ending each day with a drink and/or coffee at Connect.
27/06/99 Henrik, Sweden Henrik Berlin, Sweden
7 härliga dagar i detta guesthouse där man känner sig välkommen från första stund av varma och positiva Ulf och Örjan som alltid står till tjänst med information, råd och dåd.
Nära till MC-uthyrare, butiker av alla slag, och, icke minst ett synnerligen livligt nöjesliv (med tonvikt på gay inom just dessa kvarter!). Rum nummer 11, längst uppför ett oräkneligt antal trappor är tveklöst charmigaste rummet!! Jag återkommer iI slutet av juli.
Love Henrik.
PS Hör av dig! E-mailadress:
21/06/99 Wayne, Australia Wayne Roberts, Melbourne, Australia
Connect is a fantastic place to stay. Great location, excellent food and the friendly staff make it a pleasure to stay there.
11/06/99 Brian, U.S Brian Russo, San Francisco, U.S
Dear Ulf And Jan,
I stayed in your Guesthouse for 10 short days and I was Truly amazed. They must have been thinking of you guys when they came up with the slogan "Amazing Thailand." The Room, the Restaurant, the Service and the Value are second to none!! Both Jan & Ulf are such fine Hosts. Thanks for a very memorable Stay. Brian Russo San Francisco California
05/06/99 Brent and Kim, Canada Kim (left) and Brent (right), Canada
Thanks Connect for our wonderful stay in Patong. Your excellent staff took great care of us, and who ever is hiding out in the kitchen is worth their weight in gold. Can't think of a better time I've had in Phuket. We'll definately be back.

I had a great time here. The staff are very nice and the chef is excellent! Our hosts were helpful and real fun. Close to everything around. Thanks for a great time. See you the next time I'm in Patong.
26/05/99 Per and Tommy, Sweden Per (left) and Tommy (right), Stockholm, Sweden
Tack snälla Ulf och Örjan för att ni tog hand om oss vilsekomna Svenskar.Vi hade en himla skön semester och som ni säkert märkte trivdes vi otroligt bra på era cafestolar, vi var ju där varenda dag. Nästa gång vi kommer lovar vi att skippa lyxhotellet och bo hos er istället, det är ju där draget är!
Check out their web site!
15/05/99 Fredrik and Patrik, Sweden Fredrik (left) and Patrik (right), Sweden
Comments on the way...
14/05/99 Tim and Paddy, U.S Tim and Paddy, Boston, U.S
Just one example of all the fun you can have at Connect. It isn't just a guest-house... it feels like a big gay family. Hi there guys this is the foto of us all after that wonderful day at Lam Sing beach from left to right Fabio from San Fransico, Wa - Patong, Paddy from Boston (minus Tim-taking the foto), Mickey, Per from Norway, Fredrik from Sweden (minus Patrik where did he run off to?), Ulf - we all know who that is, Hugo of Norway, At from Chiang Mai. Memories are made on holidays with a group like this to run around with.
28/04/99 Jacob and Dorte, Denmark Jacob & Dorte, Denmark
Tusind tak for en kanon god tid, med god mad, masser af drinks samt den bedste service (med de sodeste fyre) i byen! Vi har varet her i 14 dage, men de gik hurtigt pga alle de sode folk som arbejder her. Varelserne er billige, or rengoringen er super - hver dag.

Karlig hilsen Jacob & Dorte
14/04/99 Harald and Norvald, Norway Harald and Norvald, Norway
Yes we have been here and YES we enjoyed it. Connect is highly recommendable due to nice and serviceminded hosts and personnell. In addition we would recommend you to test the penthouse room which has the best facilities, tasteful decoration and a wonderful master bed. If you're looking for a long sleep-in, this room is certainly the right place (quiet too). However you are only a stair case walk away down to ground floor with good food and beverages in a nice ambience. Our hosts went really innovative creating a new PINK drink based on Norwegian Aquavite! Other places to go are really in the neighbourhood! Harald and Norvald Norway
09/04/99 Bert and Roel, Holland Bert and Roel, Holland
Before our holiday in Patong Beach we looked on internet about the gay-scene in Patong. Soon we found CONNECT. So our first evening we started in Connect and with succes. It is a cosy cafe/restaurant were we make friends from Australia and Sweden. The coffee is OK, the food is OK and the staff is very nice and friendly. So we want to thank you for your hospitality and friendship.

Greetings from Roel and Bert from Venlo (Netherlands).
09/04/99 Ruedi from Switzerland Ruedi, Switzerland
This time it was not the first time and I am sure it was not my last stay in this great place in the middle of the "nightlife" of Patong! Hope to see you again soon.
All the best for you Ulf and Jan and the whole staff.

04/04/99 Bryan and Michael, U.S Bryan (right) and Michael (left), U.S.
We loved it!
Jan, Ulf and the entire Connect staff made our stay at Patong Beach very memorable. The location of the Guesthouse is very convenient to the beach and all nightly hot spots; including the "boom boom" Banana Boat bar around the corner. Jan and Ulf had several suggestions on the "what to do's" while in Phuket, but you can only see and do so much in just over a week. If you're planning to enjoy one and two day trips outside of Patong Beach, Connect is a great base camp. The Phi Phi Island tour is a must and can be booked right across the street from the guesthouse (see Sonya). The Connect Guesthouse is your one choice for an enjoyable, reasonably priced, and comfortable stay in Patong.
Thanks again,
Bryan and Michael
01/04/99 Tony and Marco, Holland Tony and Marco, Holland
For us, the Connect is the most relaxing place to hang out in the Paradise Complex area. The owners, Jan and Ulf, are very friendly and always prepared to chat with you and even to show you around to some of the bars. We also like to thank the stafff for making our stay so very pleasant. We came as strangers and left as friends.
04/04/99 Agnes och Mia, Sverige Agnes and Mia, Sweden.
Hallå personalen på Connect! Tack för tre superduperroliga trevliga veckor hos er. Det har varit jättekul att lära känna er alla lite nämare - hoppas vi ses igen!
14/03/99 Risto, Sweden Risto, Sweden.
Var på väg hem till Sverige efter två månaders resande i Thailand. Tänkte bara stanna i Patong ett par nätter och sen dra vidare till Bangkok där jag skulle ta första flyget hem till Stockholm. Men mina planer ändrades för att jag hittade en oas mitt i Patongs gayliv, med vänliga människor och god stämning. Connect med Örjan och Ulf har fått mig stanna här två veckor och jag skulle gärna förlänga min semester ytterligare. Jag vill gärna tillbringa min nästa semester här igen. Jag har hittat vänner och fått ett minne för livet.

18/04/99 Fabio Fabio ,U.S
You'd better find that annex soon, since I can't stop telling my friends about how wonderful staying at Connect was (the comfort, the food, the service, the people, the PRICE!). Now they are all planning a trip there soon.
14/03/99 Anna and Christina, Sweden Anna och Christina, Sweden.
Vi blev rekommenderade Connect av vänner, det visade sig vara en riktig fullträff. Trevlig och personlig personal, god service, underbar mat, sist men inte minst Ulf och Örjan som genom sitt mycket trevliga och sympatiska sätt och stora kunskap gett oss en ökad insikt och inblick i den thailändska kulturen och vardagen.
En gång Connect - alltid Connect.
Tack för allt.

10/03/99 Mikael och Erika, Åland Mikael and Erika, Åland Islands.
Efter fem veckors rundresa i södra Thailand är vi nu här igen för att avsluta resan i söder och sedan bege oss till Bangkok och hem till vintern på Åland. Det kändes nästan som att komma hem i och med att hela personalen kände igen oss och tog väl emot oss. Här är det som vanligt fester, goda middagar, sena kvällar och sol. Vi har även en favoritbar, Boat Bar, på samma gata som bjuder på häftig dragshow mellan discodunket. Så med detta tackar vi för oss för denna gång och hoppas på att ses igen!
Erika Borenius och Mikael Hellén.

03/03/99 Svein and Hugo, Norway Hugo (right) & Svein (left), Norway.
Dear Ulf and Ørjan! Thank's again for a wonderful vacation here in Patong and Connect Guesthouse. As usual long lazy days with sun and beach, party time around the clock. New of the year is after beach and it's really relaxing to have a drink or two before top of the town! Hope to see you soon and keep on a fantastic idea.
Love Svein & Hugo.

27/02/99 Per och Steinar, Norway Per (right) & Steinar (left), Norway.
Kjere Ulf & Ørjan. 8 solfylte, hektiske och herlige dager i Patong er over. Vi har opplevd alt - deilige formiddagstimer på stranden, gode og lange lunsjer, meget få och korte siestaer, smakfulle thaimåltider, lange karaoke kvelder och mørke och sene barrunder med show i alle farger. Vi har bodd der hvor alt er og alt skjer hos ett godt vertskap och hyggelige medarbeidere som hjelper til med alt slik at førstegangsreisende som oss feler oss trygge og meget velkomne. Du som har reist til mange andre steder - prov noe annet - besøk Patong - bo på Connect hos Ulf & Ørjan - få en ny ferieopplevelse. Trenger du mer info eller bilder - mail oss gerne på
Per & Steinar.

16/02/99 Michael, Germany Michael, Stuttgart, Germany
I have been in the Connect Internet Coffee Bar in February 1999! Phuket is a wonderfull place in the world. I enjoyed the time in Thailand very much. I come again to phuket in May 1999 and then I will stay in the Connect Guesthouse! Thanks also to Wong! (pic) We had a good time! Micha from Germany/Stuttgart. My homepage: or e-mail:
16/02/99 Paul, Canada Paul, Toronto, Canada.
I connected with my dear friend Thian at your fine establishment. We had not seen each other for nine years.

A great connection!

16/02/99 Telia, Sweden Three Swedes
Vi är glada över att vi hittade Ulf och Örjans guesthouse och vill varmt rekommendera det till alla våra vänner. Här finns allt man behöver och lite till. Trevliga rena rum, jättegod mat, de två kockarna är ett fynd. All personal är mycket trevlig och vi kände oss som hemma. Stort tack. Rose Edlund, Rolf Johansson, T. Söderberg, Stockholm, Sweden
16/02/99 Stefan, Sweden Stefan Lund, Sverige
Som en självständighetsförklaring till mitt tidigare liv så anlände "Britta på Heden" Connect med skälvande knän. Blev från första stund oerhört varmt mottagen av Ulf och Örjan med personal. Har blivit ledsagad i stort och smått, blivit serverad underbar mat och avnjutit mången god drink på "terassen". Det är med vemod jag reser hem en månad senare, men stärkt till kropp och själ. Och jag kommer aldrig att känna mig ensam igen, för jag vet att jag skall återvända hit.
Tusen tack för allt, kommer att sakna er.
Stefan, Göteborg, Sweden

09/02/99 Ryden from Sweden The Rydéns from Sweden,
Som en glad överraskning blev IT-restaurangen Connect vår fasta punkt i turistlivets kaotiska Thailand. Bra rum - god mat och stabila kontaker på Internet varje dag är vad Ulf och Örjan imponerar med. Tack för vänligt bemötande och ärlig information.
Lars, Eva och Erik Ryden.

27/01/99 Three guys from Sweden Three guys from Sweden.
Howdy ladies and gentlemen. We had a stop here for 4 nights. We are very satisfied with the staff and the standard of the room. We are three guys from Sweden, as you can see on the photo, we are very handsome. We are going to travel around in Thailand for about one month, then we are heading from Cairns in Australia.
See yaa and have a nice life!


29/12/98 Nigel and Richard, Sweden Nigel and Richard, Sweden.
After having experienced Ulf and Örjan's hospitality at home in Sweden, it comes as no surprise to us that they have made an absolute success of their enterprise in Thailand. They have also handpicked their staff to their exacting standards and we have always been met friendliness, helpfulness and politeness. Ulf and Örjan's extensive knowledge of Thailand and Phuket adds the ideal finishing touch to their professionalism. Experience tells us that we are not alone in our praise; there has been a constant stream of guests to their restaurant and coffee bar around the clock. Our genuine thanks to you all at Connect. We will miss you and most definitely return.
27/12/98 Sorry, no picture! Ingemar, Thomas, Per and Mattias, Sweden.
Patongs bästa!
Ulf och Örjan har skapat ett mycket trevligt och välkomnande guesthouse. Med restaurang och väl fungerande internetservice kände vi oss "nästan som hemma". Med den välsmakande Thaimaten och det svenska kaffet ville vi ha stannat mycket längre än resplanerna medgav. Kom och prova!
Många tack och hälsningar från Ingemar, Thomas, Per och Mattias.
19/12/98 Raymond, Australia Raymond from Sydney, Australia.
The most friendly Guesthouse that I ever stayed in. Many thanks to Ulf, Örjan, Dean and other Connect staff.

I had such a great time staying with them!

28/11/98 Rolf and Uwe from Wiesabaden/Germany Rolf und Uwe from Wiesbaden/Germany
Wir danken Jan und Ulf herzlich für 14 wunderschoene Tage im Connect Guesthouse! Hier ist man(n) 'Mittendrin statt nur dabei'! Und Jan und Ulf sind auch die richtigen Informanten für den 'Erstbesucher' von Phuket und/oder Patong. Die Zimmer sind sehr sauber und das Frühstück ist wirklich Klasse! Wer Lust hat, kann durchaus einen ganzen Tag (z. B. wenn es regnet) hier im Guesthouse verbringen:
Das Frühstück, erstklassiger Capuccino sowie andere Kaffearten geniessen, Zeitungen lesen, im Internet surfen, zu Mittag und Abend essen und natürlich alle üblichen Drinks zu sich nehmen. Das alles wird, wenn nicht von Jan oder Ulf persoenlich, von dem wirklich sehr unaufdringlich hoeflichen und umsichtigen Personal serviert!
Nochmals - herzlichen Dank an Jan und Ulf sowie das ganze CONNECT-TEAM von R o l f und U w e, Wiesbaden/Germany,

27/11/98 Britt-Marie och Sara from Sweden Britt-Marie och Sara from Sweden.
Connect, en svensk oas i allt det thailändska. Här har vi fått all den goda omtanke och service vi i ett främmande land så väl behövde. Ett hjärtligt tack Ulf och Örjan önskar Britt-Marie och Sara.
24/11/98 Helen and Sue from England Helen and Sue from England
Found Connect by chance. Being on a low budget this place was fantastic value for money. Very friendly and extremely helpful service. The food has been fantastic, great yellow and green curries. We will miss our daily mocha hot chocolate. Thank you to everyone, especially Porn for the night out!!!
16/11/98 Två trevliga svenskar Annsofie och Sven Gunnar Andersson, Upplands Väsby, Sweden
Det här stället blev vårat från första dagen. Trevligt bemötande av Örjan och Ulf. Här fann vi den godaste tomatsalladen och "morning glory". Vi kommer att sakna eftermiddagspausen här hos er.
14/11/98 Three boys from Sweden Malmström, Södergren and Hjerpe from Sweden.
Connect är en trevlig oas på Patong Beach. Mycket trevlig och snabb service när det gäller bar, restaurant och internet. Ägarna, Ulf och Örjan, är mycket trevliga och serviceinriktade och hjälper dig med allt ifrån internet till vad du skall se på Phuket. Ett trevligt litet guesthouse som kan bli ditt tillfälliga hem under semestervistelsen på Phuket. Ett ställe som du alldelses säkert kommer tillbaka till.
28/10/98 Brad and Peter Brad and Peter from Australia.
G'day, we are Brad and Peter from Australia. Connect was a great source of information from the beginning, but became our regular dinner venue. Good value. Traditional Thai cooking prepared in a clean kitchen! The staff are efficient and friendly and it is a pleasure to be outside wathching the people. - Never a dull moment! We recommend it to everyone.
Brad and Peter.

23/10/98 Mark de Witt from Sydney Mark de Witt from Sydney, Australia (ex S.Africa)
I very much admire these two Swedish guys who gave up their high-pressured jobs to run Connect Guesthouse. They provide a wonderful service for the gay traveller. My "penthouse" was everything a discerning guest could desire. The only thing I wasn't happy with, was having to leave.
20/10/98 Anna and Anna from Sweden Anna (to the left) and Anna (to the right) from Sweden
Connect är ett av de få ställen i Thailand där vi känner att man har lyckats kombinera god service med billigt och fräscht boende. Här får du veta vad du absolut inte får missa på Patong och Phuket i övrigt och här finns e-mail för oss som vill hålla kontakten med våra nära och kära hemma i Sverige. Tack för en trevlig vistelse!
18/10/98 David from Toronto David from Toronto, Canada
I will always have fond memories of my time spent with you. Often, I find myself daydreaming about my vacation spent in Thailand (Phuket). You truly made me feel welcome at your home. I would highly recommend your guest-house to anyone who is looking for an affordable and great place to stay, were they can easily let their guard down and have an incredible time. Your staff is genuinely friendly, your food is more than enjoyable and you guys actually have real personalities to boot.
16/10/98 Neil - Cyberboy Neil from Amsterdam, Netherlands
If ever I would wish to recommend somewhere to stay then this is it! I spent 5 weeks in the "low season" in the middle of "everything", all the bars, clubs (and the boys!) where within walking distance, and being able to get something for "breakfast" when "I" wanted it after a night out was great. I was so impressed with my holiday at Connect that I have even put my views into my new site "Paradise in Thailand". I will certainly be heading back to Paradise (and Connect) next year. a place where you have a name, not a room number!
13/09/98 TR from U.S.A TR from Atlanta, U.S.A.
My time in Thailand was limited to only two days, but the people at Connect made these two days very memorable and enjoyable. Thanks to everyone at the Connect Guesthouse. If I am ever back in Thailand I will be sure to stop and say hello!
11/09/98 Alison and Claire Alison and Claire from England
Being travellers we shopped around when arriving in Patong looking for accommodation to suit our budget and Connect is certainly the best value for money. You even gain little extras such as clean towels, soap and toilet roll. Gaining access to the Internet was effortless since they supply this service also.
Where Connect is situated is so convenient. There is easy access to the beach with night life just around the corner - but still being set back from all the noise.
Connect is located in the heart of the gay community but you do not have to be gay to stay here as they welcome everybody.

24/08/98 Dean from New Zealand Dean from New Zealand
Howdy to future guest.
I'd like to thank Jan + Ulf for providing a great place to reside for a small part of my 6 week tour around Thailand. I found it to be one of the friendliest, and definitely the cleanest, ie towels, soap, clean beds, mosquito proof rooms and toilet paper.
-"Its the small things that make the difference in my book".
The Guesthouse is off the tourist traffic way a bit, and provides a bit of shelter from the mayhem. So if you are considering a resting venue, I'd recommend you consider this one also. Once again thanks to Jan + Ulf, and all the staff for providing a great service.
Regards Deano
14/08/98 The Hugtenburgs Jenny and Louise from New Zealand.
Its so great to travel and keep contact with family and friends. While doing so "Connect" was accessible, reasonably priced, good service, open long hours and friendly. Thanx a lot guys.
Jenny Hugtenburg

A great service. The cheapest in town too! And it is so nice to receive mail while travelling. A bit of normality!
Louise Hugtenburg

14/08/98 Dan from Texas Daniel from the U.S.
I enjoy staying at Connect when I visit Phuket - friendly staff, good restaurant, and in the center of the local scene.
Daniel Young
July 1998 Buddy from U.S Buddy from the U.S.
Connect is a charming off-beat guesthouse in the heart of the gay section of Patong - only minutes from the Beach. It's run by two cute Swedish guys and a great Thai staff who make everyone feel welcome. A whole cast of characters drop in to have a cup of coffee, drop off their laundry, or surf on the Internet. You can also watch movies on those days when you just want to sit back and relax.
If you're looking for a fun, personable, informal guesthouse and enjoy meeting all sorts of people - you won't be disappointed with Connect.
July 1998 Hi. I visited Connect during my holiday on Patong Beach. I went there regularly to use their Internet PC. If you want to know more about me, please send email to me.
July 1998 Two guys from U.S Hi, we are from the U.S. and we visited Connect during our holiday in July 1998. We enjoyed our stay in Patong Beach and went to Connect every day for a meal or a drink. The club sandwich was delicious (even with tuna...)


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